Design-Build Services at Aeiforia

The Aeiforia Architects offers services for Interior Designing of the offices creating ample spaces. Unlike the traditional methods, the Design-Built Service ensures that there is only one contract and one unified flow of work from the beginning until the completion. We have a team of  Top Architects  and engineers along with construction managers who bring about the working of the project in a swift and smooth manner where the client has only one link for communication.

What do we provide?

The design-build approach has been useful to the client rather than the traditional ones.

  • Provides better communication :  The designers and the builders are both on the same team and do not have separate contracts. As a result, the Architects in Delhi have fewer problems and better communication to handle any kind of difficulties that they face.
  • Efficiency in Time :  Aeiforia Architects consultants  realize the worth of every passing second. As a result, they make sure that by combining the designers and the contractor team they have an efficiency of time. The work can thus be completed in a very short period of time.
  • Enhanced Communication : The builders and designers integrate their work as much as possible in order to work together on the same team. So, the possessor does not have to deal with any one of them separately or be a medium for communication. The architects  ensure that there is a proper connection between them, and they work together as a single entity.
  • Satisfying work : Aeiforia  makes sure that the architects and the designers work in a way that gives the client a satisfactory result. They focus on providing to the clients their exact vision of how they had imagined.

Why us?

  • The clients can thus get their work done with the world class offices of their dreams with perfect cabins, workstations, receptions and the other areas.
  • Aeiforia  has  the Best Architects in Delhi who assure that the cost of the entire project would remain in the budget, and  maintaining the actual design.
  • After a layout of the office, they also build up a 3D model that would help the client to experience how the office would look like and have the feel of owning such a kind of an office. As soon as the client is satisfied with the visualization of their office, the team then further delegates the work and initiate the construction .