Bhupendra kumar is an Architect & Interior Designer. He is the Founding Director of Aeiforia Architects, a firm that specializes in Corporate Interiors & Architectural Consultation for Industrial & Residential Projects.

Having started from modest background Bhupendra was always keen on succeeding & that reflected from an early age in Navodaya Vidhyalay to his receiving a Gold Medal at Jamia Millia for Post-Graduation in building services. When asked by one of his seniors in B.ARCH how he chose to become an architect he candidly and honestly replied “By  chance”. On listening to this he was advised to quit because architecture isn’t a course one can choose casually. She further advised him to “run away before it was too late” Bhupendra’ s fighting spirit would not allow that, to him it wasn’t an option, rather now he had something to prove. He went on to graduate with Honors’. This trend also continued in his post-graduation where he received a gold medal. He soon realized it’s not chance but his destiny & he has a long way to go to achieve much more towards the peak.

Aeiforia Architects was established as a step forward in this direction. That drive to be the best reflects in their motto- SWIFT, SHARP, RELIABLE.

They believe that as professionals, it is their duty to understand their clients & provide them with a solution that is best and sometimes beyond what they had perceived. Over a period of 5 years since there conception they found that a lot people are unaware on how an architect is truly different from an engineer. This reflects in the construction business where a lot of money is wasted because of the lack of awareness about this profession, or due unaffordability of an Architects services, that  is what is required to be addressed. So they are developing a vertical into training for Sustainable Practices & Interior Construction Technologies. To facilitate this further Bhupendra has received training in solar and green interiors and is registered with IGBC & is now involved with MSME as a trainer across India.

His ultimate aim is to serve the under privileged. The houses & streets belong to them & should be beautiful & affordable. When we achieve a truly beautiful environment only then shall we achieve the truly beautiful and wonderful face of  Architecture.