22 Dec Plants a sustainable option for corporate interior


Aeiforia as the team of best architects in Delhi have always focused on delivering best solutions for sustainability. Plants in office are not only for beautification, they also give a greener interior look and freshness in the premises. Various researches suggest placing plants in office space increases the productivity and satisfaction level of the employee. With fresh air and its freshness all around, plants give the improved air quality and a positive environment. A greener work space is more enjoyable, more conducive and more productive for the business. Other than the benefits, it is recommended as sustainable option from an economic view point.

Plants cool by a process known as transpiration; which again, as per the researchers decreases temperature in offices by 10 degrees. It is a known fact that lack of air supply causes damage just not to humans but also to costly interior in low air levels. Buildings have no life, but with scope of natural sunlight streaming through windows and plants giving natural fragrances, employee gets improved air quality. This improved air quality in return reduces the usage of air conditioner which serves a cost saving and hence lowers the heat generation through natural process.

In a condition of less exchange of fresh outdoor air to indoor air, employees are more prone to “Sick Building Syndrome”. An energy efficient construction becomes essential when sick building syndrome becomes a liability. Perhaps the only solution to Sick Building Syndrome is to have plant filled rooms which are considered to be containing 50% lesser airborne bacteria than rooms with no plants. The best Architects in Delhi, themselves have realized the importance of greener work space. It is highly recommended to have more plants around to give personal breathing zone to all the employees.

Installing green roofing have environmental and energy efficiency benefits resulting in lessen urban temperature and giving insulation to building. A greener room is much more beneficial by providing insulation to building from heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Moreover, having more greener office space filters out pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air hence, reducing the disease rates. Substantially, this reduces the electricity cost. Aeiforia’s team of top architects in Delhi with its varied experience has all the solution for opting cost effectiveness for corporate interior.

Office comes alive when the plants arrive giving a relaxed mind and high economical level.

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