In-house Support

In-house is supported with experience in cost control and procurement, accurate understanding of total cost and quality systems. It is also known for its no risk of cost overturn.

It mainly includes:

  • Cost – Cost consists of providing an opportunity for value engineering and also for controlled procurement.
  • Time – Time includes the delivery of products on time to the clients as per his or her requirements.
  • Quality – Quality which is also known as guardian of standards. Quality is ensured by the peer review and the design validation.
  • Comfort – Comfort lies at the core of all the three mentioned points. Or in other words comfort is the intersection of the time, quality, and the cost.

It includes the dedicated and informed design team with a single point of contact. Design space standardization is meant for regional and global level. The efficient process does not need any rework. Centralized client resources are time saving and sometimes saves the cost also.

Why Us?

Aeiforia architects  has a team which is fresh, young and innovative. They are qualified and have enough experience to get the work done in a smart way. The firm is an expertise in Corporate Interiors with specialization in Turnkey projects. Quality, In-house 3D’s, and Material Sourcing are quite a few things that are its strengths. 3D capability has a 90% Accuracy. It also poses the following:

  • Experienced and renowned MEP Consultants Board
  • Transparency in Procedure
  • Max Guaranteed Price
  • Economic and Justifiable Rate
  • Compliance with all government statutory requirements
  • A pragmatic and commercial Mindset which understands the requirement of the client.