EHS Guidelines & Safety Standards


EHS Guidelines and Safety Standards

The EHS Safety Guidelines and Standards are an important set of rules and regulations that every company needs to follow when they have to take care of the safety of the environment, protection to the health of the workers and also the safety standards of the company. These set of rules will help a company in avoiding any sort of accidents or mishaps from taking place at the site of work.

At Aeiforia we make sure that all the standards are followed and our main objective is to imply these set of safety rules when it comes to dealing with any kind of normal working machinery . Considered to be one of the Top  Architectural Firm  in Delhi, we at Aeiforia Architects strive hard to maintain our position and safety of our workers is of top most priority for us. In our company, the safety standards and the management system is divided as,

  • Instructions for work
  • Work procedure
  • Directives of the personnel
  • Policy to be followed

The Aeiforia  provides you with the Best Architectural Firm  in Delhi. True to the name, these architects are well instructed about the safety standards once they join our architecture firm. One can say that, we are one of the architectural firms in Delhi who take up the concept of safety seriously. Being safe and following all the guidelines have helped us to create happy clients. It may have very well contributed to our success! We certainly think so. These guidelines we follow are an assurance to our clients that their work will be completed without any obstacles. Since we believe that,

  • Level of accidents should be zero
  • No compromises whatsoever in the safety and health measurements
  • Only the highest level of safety standards will be given to our clients.