05 Jan How to save water at work place

Go Green, Green Building, finding out ways to save planet and increase greenery; has become the motive of every industry. Going green is getting the new way of life style. However, most of the corporates are not taking the full initiative towards saving the mother nature. As a matter of fact, It is becoming a compulsion for every corporate office to go green building which consumes less energy; is environment friendly and cost effective also. According to a research, the scarcity of pure water will increase by 15% – 20% by the year 2030 which is currently 3%. Though it is not alone due to the growing industrialisation that there is water scarcity; increasing population is also one of the reasons. Commercial buildings and industries uses a large proportion of water in manufacturing plants, maintaining their equipment cooling, applying dye to product and similar other ways.


With the growing desire of green designing, architects goal is no more limited to just a functional design but also to keep energy usage and energy saving in mind. Even a basic designing at fixture level can be incorporated with water conservation. Few tips mentioned below can make every drop count for water conservation:-

a) Rainwater Harvesting  Collecting rain water by putting harvesting plant on top of the roof saves rain water and converts it for daily usages. Though the quantity of water collected depends on the intensity of rain, but it makes independent of water supplied through grids;

b) Grey Water Recycling  this technique recycles the water used for one purpose to another; e.g.:- showering water waste, used for toilet flushing. Despite this wonderful option for reusing the water in different activity, it is still relatively an expensive deal in comparison to traditional toilet flushing. Dual flush tank and sink is another option for grey water harvesting.

c) Water Saver Flush Tank  Old flush tanks were of the type wherein almost 9 Lt. of water was used for flushing. Changing to water conservation way the flush tanks should be replaced with 4 Lt. consumption tanks.

d) Low Flow Aerators  Installing low flow aerators in restrooms is an easy task which reduces the water flow without reducing pressure of water. As per a research, low flow aerators saves up to 13000 gallons of water per year.

e) Have Greenery around  People tend to have a corporate greener look to their office space. Greenery and plants give more conducive environment and efficiency in working capabilities. To have more greener look in garden area, installing rain barrels and other watering systems or using rain water is better option.

f) Flow Sensors  Using flow sensors detects when the water tank is full and saves water overflowing from overhead tanks. In the same way master valves with flow sensors can be used which detects leakages and shut offs the water.


They say, “third world war will be for water”. Well! We might not know about the war, but opting water saving ways we can put every bit of our effort in water conservation. To have a sustainable corporate office it should be environmentally sensitive too.


Though this is not a comparative study of traditional lighting VS. LED lights, but when we talk of Global Warming, eco friendly lighting, saving environment all these factors become prominent. Switching to eco friendly corporate interiors and focusing on earth friendly materials has a cumulative effect on the environment, helping to secure our planet’s future. Go beyond simply reducing energy and amplify your efforts by helping to reduce your own contribution to landfills.


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