Eco-friendly” or “green” lifestyle is something we hear about every day and taking care of the environment is a responsibility that everyone should be accountable for. Every business should look out for energy efficient solutions. A lot of people are still unaware about the technologies that we can use to reduce the carbon emission. The first step to eco friendly lighting in corporate interior is LED lights.

When thinking about how eco-friendly lighting in corporate interiors is economical, also consider the environment that it controls within the office premises. Every organisation needs ample of lighting and LED lighting in today’s time is the best resource available today in pocket fit option. With unmatched durability and long life usage makes these LED lights top choices for all the corporate office. As the research on LED lights suggests, if a LED light is left on for 8 continuous hours per day it will take 20 years to change the light again.

In comparison to traditional incandescent lighting system which is only 20% energy efficient losing 80% of electricity as heat; LED lighting estimated energy efficiency is between 80% – 90%. Since corporate offices has to be full of lights, using traditional illuminated lights mean more heat generation in office. As a repercussion it results in high usage of electricity, low temperature of air conditioner, high air vacuuming system and finally high emission of gases and heat generation. All in all not at all an eco friendly option.

LED lights are 100% recyclable which reduces carbon footprints, unlike traditional lighting system which has mercury. Having fancy lights are no more limited to house interiors, it has become an integral part of corporate interiors in every office. LED Lights can be combined and re designed in anyway to produce highly efficient illumination effect. Additionally, LED lighting does not have any impact of temperature be it cold or hot.

A low voltage supply of electric current is what LED lights take. In cases of high fluctuations, or power mode changes LED lights are shock resistant and does not compromise the life expectancy. They bright up easily and supports great advantages as eco friendly lighting in corporate interior taking care of pocket and environment both.

Though this is not a comparativeĀ study of traditional lighting VS. LED lights, but when we talk of Global Warming, eco friendly lighting, saving environment all these factors become prominent. Switching to eco friendly corporate interiors and focusing on earth friendly materials has a cumulative effect on the environment, helping to secure our planet’s future. Go beyond simply reducing energy and amplify your efforts by helping to reduce your own contribution to landfills.


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